Find me on the map!

Ever wonder where I am living in Guatemala!! Well thanks to Google maps, you can now find me on the map!

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Can you believe it? They do not have a road map for this area. HAHA! But if you noticed on the Map there is a big green square with a lake in the middle near where I live.

The green square is The National Park Lachua, a protected area with a pristine lake in the middle. The organization that I work for again is Proyecto Lachua and its mission is to protect the natural forest of the park and to develop the 50 or so villages surrounding it in the areas of Social, Governance, Economic and Environmental with the ultimate goal of the people live happily with nature.

When I first saw this satellite view, I was amazed how definative the green line is, showing that our efforts are truely working to protect the natural subtropical rain forest.

But more about where I live, you will notice there are no major towns around, you can barely notice any population development. And for a sense of the adventure that I go through traveling to the nearest major town, Coban, you can follow a barely recognizable brown dirt road that twist and turn through the mountains.

So enjoy the adventure with me and virturally visit my village through the amazing technology of Google.