How time flies in the Peace Corps

As you have all noticed, I have not written much. It is not like there is nothing to write about, afterall it is the Peace Corps. But somehow the time just keeps flying by..I keep saying to myself "Tomorrow..Tomorrow..!!" and now it is like 9 months since I have been here. So I promise, I will write more.. But for now, you can check out my sitemate Zach's blog site.
Click here for his site
It seems not a momment passes without him thinking of a new entry into his blog, talking about his adventures here.

Zach came to this site(Salacuim) basically a month later than me, but had already served a few months in Puerto Barrios before the PC office changed his site due to drug trafficking problems in his previous town. Now we work in the same Project and office and live with on the same family compound, we basically eat 3 meals together and share our adventure here. This morning, I commented how we are like a married couple, after using our shared latrine, I yelled at him for not neatly folding his toilet paper before putting it in the wastebasket so that I have to look at the pile while I do my morning duty!

So if you every wonder what I am doing, you can always read his entries. Anyway, he is proving to be much more humourous and creative writer than I.