How did I ever end up in the Peace Corps?

Some people think I am crazy! How does one who has all the education and a comfortable home and loving family decide to give up the potential of a successful career and volunteer for two years in an unknown developing country. The truth is this decision took some time to think over but once I made it, it seemed so natural and comfortable. I love traveling and have done it ever since I was a teen growing up in the States. To this date, I have traveled to so many countries that I have lost count and know that I am over fifty and maybe over sixty countries mostly with simply a backpack on my back. At every opportunity, strapping a backpack on seemed like a natural calling and with each trip, I grew more excited for the next. However as young kid, I always loved business and the excitement of making money. I went on to pursue my MBA at University of Michigan which turned out to be one of my greatest decisions. After graduation from Michigan, I got a great opportunity to work for International Paper to open their first Divisional Office in Shanghai. It was a great experience for 3+ years and it added to my passion for international cultures particularly at a time when China was just beginning to boom in the world markets. Then I moved back to Taiwan to work in the family business and was glad to be able to return home to learn about my native country. It was not only exciting culturally but also to be together with my family which has been rare since immigrating to the States.