On the Road Again

Hello Friends and Family,

I guess you will not be surprised if I told you that I was strapping on the backpack again and seeing the world. It is funny, once you get to travel, it is something that you can not avoid for very long.

I have left Taiwan and am now in the States preparing for my longest backpacking trip yet. For the last three years, I have been in Taiwan working with my father's business. I enjoyed the experience..Although, there was some ups and downs during the time, overall I enjoyed the greatly valued the experience. I had the opportunity to spend more time with my family and live in Taiwan, something that I have not had growing up moving around. It was deeply valuable to spend time with my father and sister to manage a company that I only naively knew by name. I learned a lot about my family and culture that I will always hold close to my heart and memories..

But, anybody that knows me well, I have backpacked ever since I was a teenager and have done it regularly like a spawning salmon always returning to the call of the river. I am excited about this upcoming trip as I am traveling to regions of the world that I know very little about and hold a lot curiosity to me..And on this trip, I will try to seek many physical challenges that always drives me.. And most significant is that this trip I plan to travel for many months with no particular self-imposed deadline to get back to the regular working world. I believe that the world has so much to offer in variety of experiences and cultures that I am excited to be able to have this opportunity to "freely" see the world with an open mind.

My present itinerary includes

Tanzania, Kenya

Zanzibar Island, Serengeti National Park, Mt. Kilimajaro (over 5800m) and then fly out of Nairobi


Meet up with a childhood friend who is taking a year to travel around the world with his wife and we will be hiking the area of K2 Mountain area, there is even a chance that we may go to the base camp of the K2 mountain with a professional mountaineer who is climbing Mt. Everest right now and we may tag along to go to K2 base camp when he pursues the summit of K2.

Nepal and Tibet

Traveling around the countries and also around the base of Mount Everest.

As the later part of the trip, I do not have any definite plans but will be traveling to where my spirit takes me.

So I invite you to share in my travel adventures during my trip as I will stay in touch through emails and periodically updating my website with photos taken along the trip. My web site is: www.adventurageous.com And of course, if anybody has the time and the free spirit to meet up with me along the trip, I would be happy to join up and share this great experience together.. As I travel the world, I am sure I will miss my friends and family back at home and look forward to your stories through occassional calls and emails. So although I will not be able to easily hear your voices through phone calls, I hope to receive your emails.

During this trip, I hope to be better about staying in touch with you either through emails or maybe somehow missing a turn on the road and ending up on your doorstep!! I apologize to people who I have been terrible about staying in touch and leaving Taiwan without much preparation. But, I am sure that we will have opportunities to catch up in the near future.

Until next time, I wish you all healthy and happily experiencing your lives with your friends and family.

Your friend


Adventurer in Life