Peace Corps- Guatemala 2004-2006

Posting about my Peace Corps Experience in Guatemala from Sep 2004-Nov 2006

Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Been bad about posting photos for the last few months. So I selected some of the most fun below

To see some of the projects that I have been work on click here. Future project photos I will also put here in this album.
Project Photos

Random pictures of my time in Peace Corps. Check regularly for new photos.
Random photos in the PC

Bonus Video of Corcodile
And for the bonus, check this video out where my new site mate, Corby and Keri, gets initiated to PC by trying to get an alligator out of the pond of our landlord. The Crocodile was ended up in the pond when Hurrican Mitch passed through the area and flooded the area and dislocated the crocodile. Since then he has eaten numerous dogs drinking water at the pond's edge. This day, a dog was half eaten and they decided to remove the alligator using the half eaten dog as bait. This attempt failed. I went back a month later and try a trap, but the crocodile got away. Now we are waiting for the water level to go down and also seek a home for it before trying again. Stayed tuned for future videos. You never know, I might end up on Animal Planet. Funny to read the comments. I guess we have to be crazy to live in the jungle and to be in the Peace Corps.

Crocodile Video

Come back often for more photos.

Great memories of Guatemala

It is Christmas, and I am back home in the US after completing my two years service in Peace Corps Guatemala. It always nice to be back home with friends and family especially during the festive holiday season. But during this holiday season, I can not avoid the thought of my friends and adopted whom I left. Leaving Guatemala was harder than I ever thought it would be. Sure, anybody would expect after living within a small community in a foreign place for a couple years that leaving would be emotional from the bonds that we develop. But, this time was much harder than leaving the many places that I lived previously and it even did not hit me until the last few days in Guatemala.

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I joined the Peace Corps because I believed in its value and that I would enjoy the experience and adventure; mentally approaching it as if it was just a job or a trip. But the truth is that my experience deeply affected me in ways that I am still trying to comprehend and probably will not ever know the subtle yet significant ways that it has transformed me. Thinking about this, I can not believe how I am surprised by the affect on me, after all, this is ultimately the reason that I joined PC – not only that I can help others but knowing that others will help to shape me as a better person. I feel fortunate and blessed in that I was able to have met so many great people that not only were friends but more like family.

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